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21 Mei

Many of you will be aware of the Blogger Templates Blog we connected to Spice Up Your Blog back in May this year.I had set up this new free templates blog using a Sub Domain of Spice Up Your Blog namely ‘http://www.Templates.SpiceUpYourBlog.Com‘ and added templates periodically.The reaction was fantastic and over the last few months the number of visitors has risen to almost match Spice Up Your Blog itself !

With that in mind over the last few weeks i have put in a lot of work to Improve the templates site.The name was changed to Best Blogger Templates and a complete redesign was added.I made it much easier to navigate and find the template you want quicker and easier, over the last week a unique Facebook page was added, a new unique feed address and today i took off the shackles and added a sparkling new Domain – www.BestBloggerTemplates.Net .

Now the former little brother of Spice Up Your Blog has become a stand alone site.Going forward Both Spice And Best can bring you the perfect template to suit your blog and the tips to maximize every other aspect…

Thanks to everyone that helped a side project turn into a get new adventure ! You can check out Best blogger templates here – www.BestBloggerTemplates.Net and be one of the first to Join the new page, Follow and subscribe.

Sub domains – On the subject of sub domains another sub domain connected to Spice Up Your Blog is my ‘About Me’ page.While most about me pages are published within a blog i created a whole new site with a specialised template (Template is available in Best Blogger Templates).The about me site can be found here .

blogger sub domains

If you use your own domain you can also create sub domains, I had previously posted on how to create you own sub domains but expect an updated post covering more domain providers soon..


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